This 3 Ingredient Banana Bread has been super popular and will be a new favourite in your home .. it’s easy and delicious!

Best 3 Ingredient Banana Bread

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Sometimes you just don’t have the time to spend in the kitchen. The great news is that there are so many recipes that use very few ingredients and can deliver delicious results. This 3 Ingredient Banana Bread is one such recipe and it’s been an Internet sensation for that reason! Doesn’t everyone want quick, easy and yummy! If you would like a quick and easy ‘go to’ recipe, you will love this cheats version.

It’s the perfect recipe to use up your over ripe Bananas and it’s ideal for morning tea at work, or popping in lunch boxes. On the subject of over ripe Banana’s. Did you know that you can increase the time frame they last by up to 50% longer. You need to head further down our page for the secret tip!

Best 3 Ingredient Banana Bread Recipe

3 Ingredient Banana Cake Recipe via Creekline House 

Be sure to scroll our page all the way to the end. You will not want to miss any of the ideas we have featured. We have also found another ‘Lazy Mom’s’ Banana Bread. This version is incredibly easy and does not use a cake mix base so it’s effectively the easiest ‘from scratch’ recipe. We have added a video of that recipe at the end of our post.

Banana Bread Recipe Video via Running Kimono
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How To Make Best 3 Ingredient Banana Bread Recipe-:

We have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make your own 3 Ingredient Banana Bread. Click Play above ⇑

-3 bananas ripe
-2 eggs
-1 box of cake vanilla mix
-1 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix wet and add dry cake mix all in stand mixer or large bowl. Place in bread pan and bake 55-60 minutes at 350F. Best banana bread ever and super easy recipe. Clearly Fresh Bags Bananas

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Have you discovered Clearly Fresh Bags  .. they can extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables by up to 50%. This is what they say on their site.

“The fresh produce has the greatest storage life extension when it is placed into Clearly Fresh bags as quickly as possible after purchase at the grocery store or farmers’ market. Because produce has often traveled a good distance to reach your store, storage life will vary slightly depending on the age and condition of the produce. However, we encourage a side-by-side comparison with your standard produce storage methods and let the Clearly Fresh bags demonstrate their value themselves.”Banana Ends Wrapped In Cling Wrap

Banana ends wrapped in Cling Wrap via Philly Mag

Did you know that you can preserve the life of your Banana’s by simply wrapping their ends in cling wrap. You’d be surprised how many extra days you will get and no more brown bananas! To ensure that the bananas you just bought stay firm and yellow until you can finish the whole bunch, tightly wrap a piece of plastic wrap around the crown, where the pieces connect. Just be sure to reseal the plastic each time you break off a banana. The result: The fruit will keep fresh for up to 4 days longer! “

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Easiest Banana Bread From Scratch Video -:

Here’s another awesome video that does not use Cake Mix but makes an incredibly simple Banana Bread. It’s made from scratch and you are going to love the results. Click Play to view above ⇑

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
1 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 cup melted margarine or butter
1 large egg
2 Tbspoons of milk
2 ripe bananas
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl
Beat wet ingredients in another bowl…slowly add dry ingredients to the wet while mixing.
Add bananas and mix well. Pour into lightly greased loaf or muffin pans. Bake 40 minutes for loaf pan, 23 minutes for muffins! Feel free to add spices, chocolate chips or anything else you thing might taste good!

Crazy Banana Cake

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get recipe  — Crazy Banana Cake

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