Clay Pot Flower People make a wonderful addition to your garden and they will bring so much personality to your home ..

Clay Pot Flower People

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These adorable Clay Pot people will add a real touch of character to your garden! They are bound to get the whole neighbourhood talking and they really will bring a smile to everyone who see them. You can paint them up in your favourite colours and they work really well with flowers, succulents and even herbs!

We have included lots of different versions in our post to get your creative juices flowing and we have included Video Tutorials to step you through the process.Flower Pot People

We have even included one to show you how to paint yours up like a Minion!  Scroll our page all the way to the end and check them all out. You will also find some Clay Pot Critters and a very cute Elephant. Don’t forget to Pin your favorites as you go along!

How To Make Clay Pot People Video Tutorial 

Like to see first hand how easy it is to make Flower Pot People? The Hallmark Channel has put together this great video tutorial and it’s so easy to follow. Click Play above ⇑ and see how to make one. You’ll see a diagram below too.How To Make Clay Pot Flower People

How To Make Clay Pot Flower People -:

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The diagram below from the Artistic Garden Site shows you the configuration of the terracotta pots and the sizes that you will need to create your own Clay Pot People.

Clay Pots required to construct a small pot-person:

 (1)  6″ or 8″ pot for head

 (2)  8″ pots for torso

(12)  3″ or 4″ pots for arms

(16)  4″ pots for legs

Clay Pots required to construct a large pot-person:

 (1)  8″ pot for head

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 (2)  10″ pots for torso

(12)  4″ pots for arms

(16)  6″ pots for legs

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How To Make Clay Pot Flower Person

Clay Pot People Tutorial

How to Make Arms and Legs For Flower Pot People -:

String together each arm and leg separately -: Use sturdy non-rotting rope (such as nylon) that is heavy enough gauge to easily work with. Plus it does need to withstand years in the outdoor elements.

Allow at least triple the amount of rope for each arm and leg-: Not only do you have to tie knots for each pot you use, you also need extra left over to attach to the torso. 

Keep a little bit of space between each pot as you build arms and legs -:

This can be accomplished by either:

  • Using rope that is thick enough so when you tie a knot, it won’t slip through the drainage hole; or
  • Using a piece of stick, a large washer or similar object that you can tie a knot around. The object will act as a “stopper” and not slip through the drainage hole.

Determine the spacing you want between each pot. Add a knot as you thread on each consecutive pot.

**TIP: After you’ve got the first pot strung, slip the cord up through the 2nd one. Decide the space you want between the pots. MARK (with a felt pen or similar) the cord where it comes out from the TOP of the second pot. Remove 2nd pot from cord. Now you can tie a knot where you marked the cord and slip the pot back on. If you like the spacing, measure where the knot is tied and proceed for the rest of the arms and legs –  ‘Artistic Garden’ Website 

Minion Flower Pot People

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Don’t you just love the above Minion Clay Pot Family they are so adorable and we have included a Video Tutorial above ^^^ that steps you through the process. You are going to love the results and they don’t take long at all!Clay pot peopleYou can add all sorts of decorations to your Clay Pot People – A necklace, shoes and even a bow tie! The flowers and Topiary make great hair!

Clay Pot People‘Craftster’ have made this awesome Clay Pot Scarecrow – just add some straw and overalls!

Clay Pot PeopleThese cuties were found on Pinterest and Ivy makes great hair. We love the coloured sleeves on the girl.

Clay Pot PeopleThese Clay Pot People look great in a bikini and a basket ball jersey. Anything goes!

Clay Pot PeopleMore Clay Pot People inspiration from Pinterest. The Polkadot dress and headbands look lovely. A few dots around the neck and you have necklaces. As you can see it’s easy to create lots of different looks!

Clay Pot PeopleThese Clay Pot People have had googly eyes and glasses added. Talk about super cute!

Clay Pot PeopleThis Clay Pot Flower Pot Person is from Etsy. You can add a real or faux plant.

Clay Pot PeopleThese Clay Pot People are wearing baby croc shoes and we love the straw hat effect!

Clay Pot People

Flower Pot PeopleDon’t these Clay Pot People look amazing grouped together! The more colour the better!

Clay Pot People


Claypot Garden People

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