Fairy Garden Terrarium

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You will never look at Clay Pots the same way again! Some of the most popular crafts on our site use them. They are readily available and they can be used for so many projects.

Even when they are broken, you can turn them into adorable fairy gardens for example. We have included lots of inspiration in our post and you can even add a fairy door to the base of your Clay Pot. The If you are looking for more Fairy inspiration, be sure to check out the broken pot fairy gardens – They are a very popular project that you are going to love. You’ll find an amazing array of ideas!
Gumball Machine Terrarium

Gumball Terrarium via Buzzfeed & Etsy – links further down the post

They are so cute and look great in the garden. You can even add fairy doors to the base of your clay pot. We have included lots of versions in our post so be sure to view our page in its entirety. This is a super cute craft and it couldn’t be easier either.

We found this awesome idea on Buzzfeed and you are definitely going to want one for your home!Clay Pot Terrarium

Gumball Terrarium via Etsy 

If you want the original old world look of a Gumball Machine we found they were surprisingly inexpensive on Amazon so you have a couple of options.

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What You Need To Make Gumball Machine Terrarium -:

You will need the following for this project ..

  • Small Clay Pot and Clay Pot Saucer
  • Glass Fish Bowl
  • Coloured Glass Gems
  • Hot Glue
  • Succulents real or fake
  • bottle for misting plants if real
Infographic via Go Spaces

Terrarium Kit

via Etsy 

You can even make a beach scene in your Clay Pot Terrarium like this cute version that we found on Etsy!

Gumball Machine Terrarium

Gumball Machine Terrarium via Premeditated Leftovers

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How To Make A Gumball Machine Terrarium Video-:

It’s super easy to make a Gumball Machine Terrarium using Clay Pots. We have included a short video above that shows you 3 fabulous ideas that we know you are going to love so click play to view now ⇑

Start by turning your clay pot upside down

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2) Using your hot glue gun, attach the fish bowl on an angle to the top of the pot – you can also make this gumball machine straight if you prefer. Either way, you should leave it to set for a decent period of time. If you are going with the angle you should strap it with some tape so it holds its shape and doesn’t move. Leave it to set overnight as it will take a lot longer to set than the straighter version.

Tip: Be sure that the opening of the bowl is at the top if straight and on the side if angled. Refer to photos.

Glue the clay pot saucer  to the top of your terrarium

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Fill your gumball planter with a layer of colored glass gems

Next, add a layer of decent potting soil

Plant your succulents carefully being sure to keep your glass bowl clean

Complete your look with another layer of colored gems or marbles. Now sit back and admire your work!

Gumball Machine Snowglobe

via Charm Bracelet Diva

You can add all sorts of things to your terrarium, even miniature toys or cars. You can also make them look like snow globes. We love the ones featured above, are they not the cutest!

They look great with dinosaurs and gnomes. Let your imagination run wild! You can use fake or real succulents for this project. Be sure to check out our Coffee Pot Terrarium too. It’s another fabulous Project that you will love. View it here

Gumball Machine Terrarium

Gumball Machine via Buzzfeed 

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