You will love learning how to grow Wisteria in a pot. We have plenty of great ideas including living fences and a video tutorial.

Grow Wisteria In A Pot

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Wisteria is a beautiful flowering plant that has traditionally been grown in China and Japan for over one thousand years.

The blooms are most commonly a deep mauve or purple but other shades right down from a pale pink to a pure white are available too. It’s surprisingly easy to grow and very hardy despite the delicate beauty of the flowers and the blooms have a lovely fragrance. Make sure you start off your Wisteria with a live plant as if you use seeds it will take around ten to fifteen years to bloom instead of three years.Grow Wisteria In A Pot

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Grow Wisteria In A Pot

One of the most popular ways to show off your Wisteria is to use Trellis. You can pop it against fences, sheds, walls and add it to your pot so that your wisteria grows up the trellis.

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Wisteria Covered Patio

Wisteria Patio via Wander The Wood
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Grow Wisteria In A Pot

How to grow Wisteria in a pot via Garden Web Forum

Wisteria is best planted in Spring or Autumn and it will thrive in either full sun or partial sun. It can take off quite quickly and is fast growing so you’ll need to keep it pruned well. We’ve included tips and techniques on how to prune Wisteria below.

Grow Wisteria In A Pot

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Photo Source Garden Web Forum

What you’ll need to Grow Wisteria in a pot:

You’ll need good drainage in your pot or container so be sure to drill some drainage holes in the base of the pot if they’re needed. The pot should allow room for growth – the tip is that it should be at least 3 to 4 times the size of your plant’s root ball. Cover your plant well with the soil, water well and place it in an area where it receives full or partial sun.

How To Propagate Wisteria Video Tutorial -:

We have included an easy to follow video that shows you how to propagate Wisteria successfully. Click play above to view now ⇑

Wisteria Bonsai Tree

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Wisteria Bonsai via Grows On You

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Pruning Guide via Zuhairah

It’s really important to prune your Wisteria properly so be sure to check out this handy Pruning Guide.


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Living Fence via Eco Snippets

This Living Fence is a brilliant idea for your garden. Many plants can be used in this way including Wisteria. 


Wisteria Espalier Technique via Cottage in The Oaks 

Have you heard of the Espalier technique for your garden?  It’s a way to display trees and woody plants in your garden using less space. It’s very handy for fruit trees or flowering trees as you can pick the fruit and flowers easily.


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