Roses have that magnificent fragrance and it seems they are everyone’s favorite! Get them blooming bigger than ever ..

Epsom Salt for Roses

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How would you like to improve your Roses by growing big beautiful flowers that were healthy and brighter? Well, now you can, and all the while using a very inexpensive, common household ingredient. We are talking about Epsom Salt. You may be surprised to know the positive effects that Epsom Salt can have on your garden. Did you know that it contains hydrated Magnesium Sulfate?

The benefit is that it significantly speeds up plant growth, which in turn, increases nutrient uptake. Another positive effect is that it deters pests. It also increases the flavor of fruit and veggies, and improves the colors and quantity of Roses. This also applies to other flowering plant blooms. Next time you are admiring beautiful Roses, chances are that’s their secret! Before using Epsom Salts in your gardening, it is recommended that you test the soil for a Soil PH reading.

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7 Benefits of Epsom Salt

We thought we would start by checking out some of the best benefits that Epsom Salt offers. You will notice that number one is it boosts Magnesium levels.

There are also some handy human benefits like reducing pain and inflammation, eliminating toxins, relieving constipation, reducing stress and improving blood sugar levels. It will also have some great benefits for your hair. It acts as a natural volumizer and can help to decrease excess oil. Who knew! via Dr Axe

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Epsom Salt Garden Tip

If you would like more fruit especially tomatoes, peppers and more blooming beautiful roses .. Epsom Salt should be added to your gardening routine.

If you would like to hear first hand the benefits and results, click Play above to watch a short video where a Gardener tells you her very own experience ⇑

Epson Salt Benefits For Gardens

According to the  ‘Real Farmacy’, they suggest that every two weeks you should mix one tablespoon in a gallon of water. You should water the plants with the solution for a boost. Another top tip is to add a tablespoon of Epsom Salt to the bottom of the hole and cover with a thin layer of dirt.

You should then plant the seedling in the hole. Source

Garden Uses For Epsom Salt

The benefits of Epsom Salt just roll on. Did you know it can get rid of Raccoons, make your grass greener and that it’s a great Slug deterrent.

How to Grow The Best Roses with Epsom Salt

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When you are working with established plants you want to be sure to add a top dressing of soil prior to sprinkling a tablespoon of Epson Salt to the surface of the soil as shown above. You should then water the Epsom Salt in thoroughly.

No sooner than a month later you can apply top dressing again.  You can continue this process for the entire growing season for your Roses. How To Use Epsom Salt In Your Garden

This Infographic gives you correct measurements for use. Did you know that you can also have some success Planting Roses in Potatoes? You are going to love this clever gardening hack that involves planting Rose stems in potatoes!

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