Turn a junk shop chandelier into a gorgeous planter for your home. You will love this Chandelier Planter Tutorial ..

Chandelier Planter Tutorial

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Do you have an old light fitting hanging out in your shed? Maybe it’s an ugly old brass version that you are desperate to swap out! Well, we have a project that is super easy and the results are nothing short of stunning!

It’s so easy to upcycle into this wonderful Chandelier Planter. We were blown away when we saw this very cute DIY and it’s just so clever! You can fill it with flowers or your favorite herbs and you can even fill it with bird seed for your feathered friends. However you choose to use, we know you will love the results and we can’t wait to make one!

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Chandelier Planter Tutorial

Chandelier Planter Tutorial via DIY Showoff

If you don’t have a light fitting, check the yard sales or thrift shop, they are everywhere! You will also need some small clay pot and saucers and spray paint for this project. You will also need to remove the wiring and shades from your Chandelier. Use wire cutters to snip and remove your wires.

Chandelier Planter Tutorial

Chandelier Planter Tutorial via DIY Showoff

Chandelier Planter Tutorial Materials

  • Chandelier
  • clay pots & saucers
  • Spray Paint
  • E6000 Glue Adhesive
  • Wire Cutters
  • Drill and Drill Bit
  • Plants
  • Soil
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Chandelier Planter Tutorial Video

We have included a video tutorial that will show you how to make your Chandelier Planter. It’s very easy to follow. If you are going to change the color of your Chandelier, be sure to use a spray paint that is specifically made for metals. You will also need to drill in the base of your teacups to allow for drainage. The best adhesive for this project is E6000.

It dries clear, is waterproof and is an industrial glue. You should also allow time for your project to dry fully. You can then hang it 72 hours later. To watch the video, click Play above ⇑Chandelier Planter Tutorial

Chandelier Planter Tutorial via DIY Showoff

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