You are going to love this collection of gorgeous Painted Clay Pot Critters and they are perfect for your home and garden!

Painted Clay Pot Critters

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There is an endless fascination with Clay Pots otherwise known as Terracotta Pots and with good reason. Clay Pot saucers and pots are readily available and relatively inexpensive. They can be upcyled into all sorts of things. In fact, it would be easier to say what they can’t be as you would be hard pressed!

Now you can brighten up your home and garden with these fun DIY Clay Pot Critters! They’re a great project to make with the kids and will bring so much personality to your surroundings. Scroll our page and check out all the versions.

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Painted Clay Pot Critters

How To Make Clay Pot Critters -:

How To Make Clay Pot Frog -:

  1. Use flat brush to paint outside of all pots Lime Green. Let dry. Paint inside of large pot Bright Baby Pink and inside of all small pots Lime Green.  Let dry.
  2.  Use liner brush to paint the bottom inside of two of small pots Wicker White. Paint a black inner ring around opening of bottom of pot.
  3. Use handle end of liner brush dipped in white to create dot highlight for eye.  Let dry.
  4.  Glue pots with eyes to large pot. Glue two pots to back end of large pot for legs.
  5. Glue remaining pots to front rim of large pot for front legs.
  6.  Use handle end of paintbrush to dot nose on rim in Licorice and dots on legs in Wicker White. Let dry.

How To Make Clay Pot Small Butterfly -:

  1. Glue two 1½” clay pots together to form body. Glue 1½” foam ball to one end.
  2. Paint Bright Baby Pink; add dots in Wicker White with detail painter.
  3.  Cut wings from purple foam; glue to back of butterfly.
  4.  Cut chenille stem pieces for antennae and mouth.
  5. Insert antennae into foam; glue antennae, eyes in place.
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Painted Clay Pot Critters

How To Make Clay Pot Bumble Bee -:

  1. Paint 4″ rose pot medium yellow. Use pencil to mark 1″ stripes on pot; paint two stripes Licorice; let dry.
  2. Apply top coat of black Extreme Glitter to Licorice stripes.
  3.  Paint a 3″ foam ball Licorice; glue to rim of pot for the head. Cut chenille stem pieces for antennae and mouth.
  4. Insert antennae in foam; glue antennae, eyes and mouth in place.
  5.  Fill pot with flowers. Cut a rectangle of white foam; write message with black permanent marker; glue purple chenille stem to back.
  6. Insert into flowers.

How To Make Clay Pot Ladybug -:

  1. Paint 4″ pot Lipstick Red; add a top coat of red Extreme Glitter.
  2. Use pencil to mark 1″ dots; paint Licorice.
  3.  Cut one 3″ and three 1½” foam balls in half; paint Licorice.
  4. Glue large half to pot front for head and small pieces to rim for feet.
  5.  Cut chenille stem pieces for antennae and mouth.
  6. Insert antennae in foam; glue antennae, mouth and eyes in place – Source: Plaid Online

Clay Pot Safari Animals

These Clay Pot Safari Animals will look wonderful hanging out at your home and they would work well indoors or out. You can see that they are a combination of clay pot saucers and pots and they will really add personality to your property.Clay Pot Safari Animals

Need Clay Pots for your project? Get yours here 

Clay Pot Giraffe Claypot Elephant

Clay Pot Elephant via Terracotta Crafts by Sandy 

This Clay Pot Elephant was found on Pinterest. Whilst there is no tutorial as such, you would need 7  mini clay pots, including 3 for the trunk and 4 for the feet. You would use a Large Clay Pot for the Body and a Medium Clay Pot for the head.

You could cut out some plywood or cardboard in the shape of butterfly wings and add some fur on top of the head. A Metallic spray paint for the Elephant body  and googly eyes would finish your project. You can paint on some eyelashes and toenails too.  Clay Pot Elephant

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Clay Pot Elephant via Terracotta Crafts by Sandy 

Minion Clay Pots

Minion Clay Pots Source 

Solar Light Clay Pots

We found these Clay Pot Solar Lights on Pinterest and what a great idea they are. They would be great dotted throughout your garden beds and all you need to do is drill a hole in the base of the Clay Pots that is big enough to stabilise the stem of the Solar Light.

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Dog Claypot Garden Art

Clay Pot Dog Flower Pot  via Pinterest

Clay Pot Dog

Clay Pot Dog via Pinterest

Clay Pot Dog

Claypot Dog via Pinterest

Clay Pot Dog Pot Planter

Clay Pot Dog Planter via Pinterest

Clay Pot Horses

Frog Clay Pot

Frog Clay Pot via Pinterest

Claypot People

view now —> Clay Pot People

Claypot Zebra

 Claypot Zebra via They Call Me Jammi

Claypot Zebra

Claypot Giraffe via Pinterest

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Terracotta Turtles

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