If you sew or are a mad crafter, this Sewing Machine Organizer Pattern Free Tutorial will be just what you are looking for. Check out all the ideas now ..

Sewing Machine Organizer Pattern

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If you enjoy your sewing you’ll love this handy homemade Sewing Machine Organizer Pattern. The Mat has storage pockets and a loop for scissors. It will protect your table from the machine and is also a fantastic way to store your bits and pieces so you can access them easily. It’s very inexpensive to make as it uses just a couple of pieces of fabric, Pellon and some ribbon.

The pockets are simply made by folding up one of the short ends of the fabric. The long pocket is then divided into 3 sections.

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How To Make A Sewing Machine Organizer Mat -: 

We have included a video that will show you how to make your own Sewing Machine Organizer Mat. Click Play above to watch ⇑

Sewing Machine Organizer Pattern

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You’ll be so, sew organized! Scroll our page and check out all the other ideas we have included for you like the Overlocker Mat Bag and the NonSlip Sewing Machine Pedal Cover too.

This would also make a very handy hanging caddy off the side of beds or lounges. You could pop your TV mag and remote controls in it and it’s the perfect place to keep a book and hide your chocolate! Scroll our post to get all the details to make the Overlocker Mat Bag and the Non-Slip Sewing Pedal Pad too.Sewing Machine Mat with Pockets Tutorial

Sewing Mat Caddy  —> get free pattern here

You’ll also love the Hanging Bed Organiser too, it’s one of our very popular sewing projects. Don’t forget to Pin your favorites.

Sewing Machine Mat with pockets and loop for scissors

Sewing Machine Mat with Pockets via The Crafty Mummy.

Sewing Machine Caravan Cover Pattern

We love this gorgeous Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Cover —> get the pattern here 

Sewing Machine Organising Pad with Detachable Thread Catcher
Sewing Machine Organising Pad
 via So Sew Easy has detachable thread catcher.

Sew An Overlocker Mat Bag Tutorial

Overlocker Mat Bag from The Crafty Mummy
Non Slip Sewing Machine Foot Pedal PadNon-Slip Sewing Pedal Pad via So Sew Easy

Hanging Bed Organiser

Here’s another super easy idea that will come in very handy —  Hanging Bed Organiser

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