Are you looking for a super cute idea? We’ve got you covered with this adorable Octopus and it couldn’t be easier to make.

Yarn Octopuses Instructions

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How cute are these Yarn or Fleece Octopus and they are a fabulous fun and inexpensive No Sew Project that you will love to try. You start off with a piece of hard cardboard or wood as a frame, a tennis ball or similar sized bouncy ball, rubber bands and just one skein of yarn. When we shared them on our Facebook Page, the number of members in our Community who remembered making them as a craft project at School was amazing.

Chances are it was something your Mum or Nana may have made you. We had an Orange one sitting on our bed and bet you had one too! Scroll our post to view all the versions!

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Fleecy No Sew Octopus

via while she naps

You can make them out of Yarn or Fleece as is the case with this version. Add a scarf to their head to personalize it and don’t you love the braided legs.

This is such a cute project and they are great to make with kids.They make a gorgeous gift too.

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Yarn Octopuses Video Tutorial

To see how to make your very own Yarn Octopuses, watch the instructions in the video above. Click Play to view ⇑

Yarn Octopuses

Yarn Octopus via Todays Mama

Our Post also includes a No-Sew Sock Octopus and you’ll love to try the Sock Monkeys too. Check out all the different versions and don’t forget to Pin your favorites.

Yarn Octopuses

Yarn Octopuses via Simply Home Blog 

You can also make your Yarn Octopuses in multi-colored yarns just like the one above. As you can see there are so many different ways to make this cute craft.

Fleece Octopus

via while she naps

Here’s another very easy project. You can make your Yarn Octopuses using Fleece. This is another very easy and simple project that only uses a few items.

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No Sew Yarn Octopus

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Yarn Octopuses

 No Sew Yarn Octopus via Free Baby

No Sew Yarn Octopus Free Pattern

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Yarn Octopus via Red Heart

Yarn Octopus Free Tutorial

Yarn Octopus via Aunt Annie

Yarn Octopus Buddies NO Sew Tutorial

Sock Octopus

via Discount Queens

Stuffed Octopus Made With Tights

via Red Ted Art

Sock Octopus

Check out these adorable Sock Monkeys —>  Sock Monkey Tutorial

Sock Monkey Tutorial

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