Add some personality to a special space at your place with these adorable Hot Air Balloons that are made out of Doilies.

Doily Hot Air Balloons

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These Doily Hot Air Balloons will add so much personality to your room. They would look lovely decorating a party or shower. You can hang them from trees for a garden event or group them together in a corner of a child’s room. We know you are going to have lots of ideas as to what you can do with them.

We have included some other ideas further down our page so be sure that you scroll to the end so that you can view them all. Don’t forget to Pin your favourites. Hot Air Doily Balloons

What you need to make Doily Hot Air Balloons -:

  • Doilies: various size (approximately 7 doilies per balloon)
  • Latex balloons
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon: various sizes & colors
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  • Burlap
  • Ruler
  • Cardstock paper in coordinating colors

Light Bulb Hot Air Balloons

Here’s another cute idea from Rook 17 – we love these Hot Air Balloon Lightbulbs!

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How To Make Doily Hot Air Balloons -:

1. Blow up the latex balloon to the desired size. Lay the doilies over the balloon to determine the quantity needed.

2. Dye the doilies if desired. Allow doilies to dry and color to set.

3. Saturate doilies in fabric stiffener in plastic bags or according to package directions. Do not combine different color doilies in one bag. Lay doilies over balloon. Use a shallow dish or bowl to hold the balloons in place when applying the doilies. For best results apply the doilies on one side of the balloon and then the other. This will keep the doilies form slipping off the balloon. Another option to secure the doilies in place is to wrap the entire balloon in plastic cling wrap. Do not wrap too tightly. Remove the plastic cling wrap once the stiffener starts to dry. Using plastic cling wrap will slow down the drying process.

4. Allow the doilies to dry completely. Pop the latex balloon.

5. While the doilies are drying create the basket to be attached later. Cut a piece of burlap 7″x5″. Fold burlap in half so it is 5″x3-1/2″ tall. Fold the sides in and glue in place. Fold up bottom corners on each side and glue in place. Repeat for both sides. This will flatten out the bottom and create the basket shape. Fold down the top edge 1″ and glue in place. Set aside.

6. Add twine to the top of the balloon, knotting into a loop. Cut to desired hanging length depending.

7. Glue four strips of twine from the top of the balloon down to the opening at the bottom. Evenly space the four pieces around the balloon. Leave enough excess twine hanging to attach the basket.

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8. Glue the four pieces of twine to the basket in the four inside corners.

9. Embellish the balloon and basket with coordinating ribbon. Cut out and add triangles from card stock to create pennants.

These Doily Hot Air Balloons are from the ‘Joann Craft Site’Lace Doily Balloons

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