It’s so easy to give a plain jane lampshade an instant lift. Achieve a designer touch for a fraction of the store bought version ..

Vintage Lamp

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We all see those impossibly gorgeous Lampshades in Stores. Unfortunately, they also have impossibly high price tags. So, how do you get that designer look without the designer price? .. we have the answer and you will not believe how easy it is. We have found some super cute ideas that involve dollar store lampshades and faux flowers and just look at those results!

You can even make your flowers out of fabric, in fact, nothing is off limits. You could use this process for feathers, bling, all sorts of things. You can achieve a vintage or shabby chic style and you will achieve the same sort of results that you see in those expensive home furnishing stores!

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DIY Vintage Lamp

This is the perfect project for those lampshades that are dated and have seen better days. You are going to be amazed at the pretty effects that you can create for all your favourite rooms.

Shabby Chic Lamp Video Tutorial

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We have included a short video tutorial that shows you the process. Click Play above to watch ⇑

Pottery Barn Inspired Lamp

We love this Pottery Barn Inspired Lampshade from Jennifer Ciani. What a gorgeous effect she has created and you can make one for a fraction of the retail price.

Vintage Lampshade

Shabby Chic Lampshade via Jennifer Ciani

Here’s another version that Jennifer has created and who would have thought it would be so simple to make fabric roses. As you can see, anything goes.

Vintage Lamp

Vintage Lamp via ‘The Sunshine Shoppe’

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