We’re in love with these gorgeous Fairy Jar Lanterns that use cute cutouts and are backlit with LED Lights! You will love the ideas!

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns

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What a clever idea these Fairy Jar Lanterns are and the magical frosted effect is stunning. They will look beautiful grouped together and are quite breathtaking at night in a favorite space!

These DIY Fairy Jar Lights are also surprisingly easy to make. They add ambience to any room. You will love the orange and yellow flames that dance behind the fairy cutouts. We have included lots of versions for your inspiration. Be sure to scroll our page in its entirety so that you don’t miss an idea!

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DIY Fairy Lantern

These fairy glow jars would look amazing after dark on your outside table and what a lovely gift they would make. You can use any dollar store jars or upcycle your empty jars.

There are many templates available on the internet, you could even trace one out of a colouring book for example. You can also find some templates further down our post.
DIY Fairy Lantern

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For additional effects you can add glue glitter on the outside of the jar to give it a pretty frosted look. These fairy lights would make a great nightlight for kids bedrooms too. 

Fairy Jar Lanterns

These gorgeous Fairy Lanterns are available for sale on Etsy. —> Get yours here

Fairy Lantern

What You Need To Make Fairy Jar Lanterns

  • *An empty jar 
  • *White acrylic paint
  • *Sponge or paintbrush
  • *Fairy silhouettes (link included below)
  • *Exacto knife
  • *Cutting board
  • *Preserved moss, bark, or tissue paper
  • *Wood glue
  • *Hot glue
  • *Stickers 
  • *Rechargeable tea lights

How To Make Fairy Lanterns

How To Make Fairy Jar Lanterns -:

Wash the inside of the jar, and remove labels and sticky residue from the outside. With a sponge or large round paint brush, dab the inside with white acrylic paint to create texture. Let the paint dry for about an hour between coats until only light can be seen though the jar. Let the paint dry thoroughly.

Glue some preserved moss, bark, or tissue paper to the bottom of the jar. Paste your fairy cutouts or other paper designs onto the bottom of the jar just touching the sides. You can create a 3D illusion by leaving a bit of space between the cutouts and the sides of the jar. Add any stickers if desired.

Spray paint the lid of the jar, and let dry. With a hammer and nail, punch two holes in the top of the lid on opposite sides for the handle. Bend a piece of a coat hanger into a handle, and push the ends through the lid holes. Secure by bending the ends inward, and taping over the sharp edges.

You can add a base to the lantern by painting another metal lid the same color, or using a round wooden base. Use wood glue to attach it to the jar. Add thin strips of tape criss-crossing over the back and front of the jar to imitate a lantern pattern. Place a rechargeable tea lightin the jar, and turn out the lights.

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Fairy Jar Lanterns

Here are some more gorgeous examples of Fairy Lanterns from Life Is Poppin and what a great job. They look particularly gorgeous in round bowls.

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Fairy Jar Video Tutorial -:

You will absolutely love the results and you can view the Video Tutorial above ⇑ and you can find the full written details on her site – Be sure to continue scrolling and check out the other ideas for inspiration.

Be sure to keep scrolling though as there are more great ideas and fairy templates below.

Fairy Lanterns

Fairy Lanterns via Adventure in a Box 

Fairy Lanterns

Colour Changing Fairy Lanterns via Etsy 

Fairy Lantern

via E-how 

Fairy Lanters

via E-How

DIY Fairy Garden Lanterns

Here’s another super cute version of the Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns and the Blogger has also provided a free printable for you to use for your project. Are they not stunning? They are also like the above version, incredibly easy to make.Easy Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns

Fairy Jar Cutouts

Fairy CutoutsThe above Fairy Jars are featured on the ‘Plaid Online’ Site. They have also included some Fairy Cutouts to get you started – source

Continue scrolling and check out the amazing Butterfly Jars too.

Fairy Cutout 1 Fairy Cutout 2 Fairy Cutout 3

Fairy Cutouts Source – Buzzfeed

Butterfly JarsHere’s another super popular and easy project that has been loved by our Community. These gorgeous Butterfly Jars look fabulous and you can use Plastic Bottles or Soda Cans to create your Butterflies. You can use Vases or Upcycled Jars for this DIY. You can find the instructions here  — Butterfly Jar Tutorial

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