These Crochet Bowl Covers are Microwave Safe and they’re quick and easy Free Patterns you’ll love. This is such a cute project.

Crochet Bowl Covers

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These Crochet Bowl Covers are Microwave Safe and ideal for when you need to reheat soups or leftovers in your microwave. No more burnt hands! They’re an easy Free Pattern and don’t they look brilliant.

Make them up in all your favourite colours to complement your dishes. The pattern uses just two simple stitches – chain and double crochet. The smallest bowl cozies in the photos are worked through round 8,  then the medium crochet bowl covers are worked through round 10. The big glass bowl covers are worked through round 13. Don’t miss our collection of  Kitchen Cheat Sheets – it’s packed with kitchen tips and hints which will save you time and money, including 20 Amazing Microwave Hacks.Crochet Bowl Covers

The pattern creator recommends that you use a microwave safe yarn. Start off by making the cozy until it fits around the bowl with the short sides going up to the right height. Once the crochet bowl cover is the size you need just cut the yarn, and weave in the ends. Then go onto the finishing steps.

The crochet bowl covers are really easy to wash and dry too – you can simply throw them in the washer and dryer with any other crochet or knitted items.
Crochet Bowl Covers

We’ve also found a handy video tutorial that shows you how to crochet Mason Jar and Kitchen Storage Jar Lids. Be sure to view it below. It includes instructions for both right handed and left handed crocheters.crochet-bowl-cosy-free-pattern

What you’ll need to make Microwave Safe Crochet Bowl Covers -:

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Crochet Bowl Covers will fit a bowl approximately 15-17cm in diameter at the top, 6-8cm at the base and 7cm high. The creator’s tip to reduce any food spillage onto the cosy is not cover up to the top of the bowl. The pattern is written in US Crochet terms – Source

The pattern can be adjusted easily to suit any sized bowl like the ones above via Jessie At Home.

What You’ll Need -:

These Mason Jar Lid Covers will come in so handy around the home or in the kitchen and they’re perfect for gifts too.  This video is for Right Handed Crochet plus you can also view a Left Handed version. Click Play  ^^^ to view the video tutorial.

Crochet Jar Lid Covers Free Patterns

These pretty flower topped Jar Lid Covers look stunning and they’re sure to get you inspired! They’ll fit both normal sized and wider sized Jars. View the Free Pattern here on Jackie’s Crochet and Knitting.

Crochet Floral Cozies Free Patterns

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These cute little Crochet Floral Covers are ideal for storing your craft supplies and leftover yarns. The smallest one is perfect for hooks and the larger ones for knitting needles. They’re Free Crochet Patterns!

Image Source Little Things BloggedCrocheted Jug Cover Free Pattern

This  Crochet Jug Cover will make a lovely gift! It’s an easy to follow Free Crochet Pattern and glass beads are used as or that finishing touch.

Image Source Home Making Magazine

Crochet Cake Dome Free Pattern

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How clever is this Crochet Cake Dome project!  A Cake Tin and Soup Plate are used to create the dome. It’s a Free Pattern with detailed photos.

Image Source IdeesCrocheted Baby Jars

Crocheted Baby Jars via Etsy  —> get details here

Crochet Canning Jar Tops

get free pattern —> Canning Crochet Jar Lids 

Crochet Jar Lids Free Pattern

get free pattern —> crochet jar cover 

Wide Mouth Jar Crochet Cover free pattern

We’ve found a very versatile Wide Mouth Jar Crochet Cover free pattern here for you – it can be used  as a jar lid cover or a Doily via Crochet More

Crochet Lanterns

get free pattern —> Crochet Jar Lanterns 

Crochet Jar Lids

Crochet Jar Lids via  Beat Knit

Crochet Jar Cover

get free pattern —> Crochet Jar Cover

Crochet Jar

Crochet Jar Covers

get free pattern —> Crochet Jar Covers 

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