How Much Sleep Do You Need A Night

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Consistently getting less than five hours of sleep a night can double your risk of stroke, heart disease or heart attack. This information is not to be taken lightly. Every night you fail to get your quota, you are doing damage!

Medical research has also found a link between lack of sleep and weight gain and diabetes. Do you have a sleep ‘debt’?  As many of us don’t get enough regular sleep,  it’s easy to grow accustomed to poor sleeping.How Many Hours A Night Sleep Do You Need Tip

In our modern times of extensive use of mobile phones, tablets and computers, the exposure can hinder your brain from relaxing and winding down. Do you find it difficult to sleep at night?  Melatonin levels can be affected. This stops you feeling sleepy and dozing off. Melatonin levels naturally rise in response to darkness. Be sure to invest in a decent blockout for your curtains too, particularly if you are a shift worker.

Be sure to invest in a decent blockout for your curtains too, particularly if you are a shift worker.


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How Much Sleep Do You Need A Night

Melatonin levels naturally rise in response to darkness. Be sure to invest in a decent blockout for your curtains too, particularly if you are a shift worker.

Another top tip from Napz – Be sure that you turn off your computers, tv’s, phones and anything else that emits blue light. If possible leave these items out of your bedroom altogether!

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Deprivation can have wide-ranging effects and contributes to the deterioration of your mental health, which as we know, is your real wealth. This chart from The Huffington Post has some alarming facts. It’s time to sit up and take notice. If you are carrying excess belly fat, you can bet it is linked to sleep or lack of!

How Much Sleep Do You Need A Night

21 Tips to A Better Sleep via Life Hacker 

There are some things that you can do prior to hitting the hay. Some find a relaxing bath works wonders. A good book will help send you to the land of nod and even some stretches will assist you to sleep. You want to avoid heavy meals, fast food and falling asleep with the Tv on. This will keep your brain active and if reading, use low lights so that if you fall asleep, your brain will not be kept stimulated.

star night light

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—> Sleep under the stars every night with the Cosmos Night Light! – get yours here

White Noise Machines are another thing proving popular, as is sex .. it’s a great way to tire you out!

How Much Sleep Do You Need A Night

The amount of sleep you need each night varies with age. It will also change during your lifetime. As you can see from the chart above, hours required begin to reduce in our teenage years. They are lowest when we’re 65 years or older.

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Sleep is a vital restorative process that can affect overall health. Days without sleep can result in psychotic symptoms, irrational behaviour, anger and depression. It can also play havoc with your skin, your weight and general appearance. There’s a reason that it’s called beauty sleep at the end of the day!

How much sleep is enough

How Much Sleep Do You Need via Mercola 

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How To Fall Asleep in A Minute

Fall Asleep In Under A Minute  via Spire

Here’s some great tips on how to fall asleep in a minute. You should try some of these different techniques and see how they work for you. This is particularly helpful if you suffer from insomnia.

Learn the 5 secrets to a great nights sleep. It certainly beats counting sheep. This video will give you awesome ideas that will change your world. Click Play above to watch now ⇑

3 Ingredient Oil Spray to help you sleep better

via Daily Health Post 

This amazing 3 Ingredient Oil Spray is so easy to make yourself and you simply spray it on your feet 10 minutes before you go to bed. You won’t believe what a difference it will make!

You need just 3 essential oils – Chamomile Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Magnesium Oil.

Just mix the 3 oils together in a spray glass bottle using the quantities above, cover and shake the bottle to mix them up.  You’ll also love learning how to make your own Essential Oils at home with our easy recipes. They’ll also save you lots of dollars and will make great gifts for family and friends.

Be sure to check out our popular post on How To Sleep Yourself Slim too – it’s gives a whole new outlook on weight loss!  Your mattress also affects your sleep patterns so don’t miss our collection of handy hints and cleaning tips on How To Clean Your Mattress.

How to get the best sleep of your life

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Magnesium is a crucial element to assisting your body get the proper night’s sleep that you need for your health and well-being – it’s much healthier than using prescription drugs which can significantly distort your sleeping habits and patterns, with adverse effects on your health. Knowing which foods are naturally rich in Magnesium can make a huge difference to your health and lifestyle. Dark leafy greens, Nuts, Seeds, Beets and Fish are an excellent source.  You’ll be pleased to know that Dark Chocolate is too – so you don’t have to feel guilty! Source

How Much Sleep Do You Need

Check out how many hours sleep you need for your age here.

How much sleep do we really need

We’ve found this very informative chart on how much sleep you need, tips to sleep better and also a video on the National Sleep Foundation page.  Source

How much sleep do kids need - newborn to 13 years old

If you’re a parent or grandparent this simple chart will help you ensure that the kids are getting the proper amount of regular sleep for their wellbeing – it covers all ages from newborn to 13 years old. Each child develops at their own pace but this is a really good guide to assist you. Source

What happens to your brain during the 5 stages of your sleep cycle

You’ll be totally surprised by what happens to your brain during the 5 stages of your sleep cycle! Sleeping is crucial to your health. How you sleep and the amount and type of sleep have a major impact on your health and immune system, as well as your energy levels and how you cope with daily life.  Source

How much sleep does a baby need

The timing of sleeping hours for a baby also has an effect – there’s quite a substantial difference between whether it’s a daytime sleep or a nighttime sleep. Source

Pain and Emotion Chart

Physical pain and also our emotional state can have a significant effect on sleeping patterns too. This simple chart shows how pain affecting various body parts is linked to certain emotions. Source

Baby Sleeping Guide up to 12 months

via The Expecting Mama’s Network

Babies need their beauty sleep and proper naps too!  This handy chart shows how many naps and the length of naps needed for your little one, up to the age of 12 months old. Continue scrolling for the ultimate guide to the amount of sleep you need if you are pregnant from Pregnancy Pillows

How Much Sleep Do You Need

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