Is your constant connection making you disconnected? Learn Digital Detox Benefits for a happier and healthier life!

Digital Detox

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Technology should be used to enhance your brain power and productivity, however, there is a concern we are now over-using it. This can result in poor physical and mental health, such as obesity, increased stress, and impaired memory. Is the buzz giving you the fuzz? Can you go 20 minutes without checking your phone? It’s time to be honest and take stock of your situation.

It may be time for a Digital Detox, and we have found lots of ways to help you get back on top. This is something you should do regularly even if only for a few days. You need time to reset.

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digital detox

Digital Detox via Huff Post

Gary Turk’s video “Look Up” perfectly sums up this addiction with technology. He says that while he doesn’t expect us to stop using our smartphones and laptops, it’s important that we find a balance and ensure we are still living in the moment. Watch the video below, and then keep scrolling to learn how you can digitally detox. ⇓

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Are you letting life pass you by? Maybe it’s your son or your grand-daughter .. we all know someone that simply can’t look up from their phone or I-Pad. The video above shows you just what your digital connection may be costing you. It’s the wake-up call we all need. To watch click Play above ⇑

Digital Detox 3Digital Detox via Buffini & Company

Some of the reasons you should try a Digital Detox are:

  • You will sleep better
  • It will increase your attention span
  • You will be a happier person
  • Productivity will increase
  • You will maintain stronger relationships

These all seem like great reasons to start your Digital Detox today! Are you ready?

The first step is to determine how long you would like to detox, and when to begin. A weekend or vacation is usually a great time to go on a Digital Detox, so you can focus on your hobbies or leisure activities without the urge to continually check your messages, emails or social media feeds. Sometimes it’s a good idea to inform anyone that may try to get a hold of you that you will be offline. Also, leave instructions for an alternate way someone can contact you in-case of an emergency. Next, plan how you are going to spend your time during the Digital Detox.

Digital Detox

Disconnect to Reconnect via TheHuff Post

Get in touch with nature, reconnect with someone you haven’t physically seen for awhile, or spend quality time with your loved ones. There are so many ways you can take a break from technology, and an endless list of activities that don’t involve using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The hardest and sometimes most daunting step of a Digital Detox is TURNING OFF YOUR DEVICES! Place your devices in a safe spot out of sight so you won’t be tempted to have a sneak peak.

Challenge yourself to reach your planned Digital Detox time and notice that over time, the more you can cleanse yourself of technology overuse, the better you will feel. You will be able to think more clearly and sleep better, which will result in you feeling more energized!

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Digital Detox

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Detox Yoga Poses via PopSugar

Scroll down for PopSugar’s fabulous 7-Day Smartphone Detox Plan! You can do something small every day to make a big difference in your life. They suggest that on Monday, you could unfollow people that you no longer speak to from your social media platforms, and unsubscribe from unwanted email lists. Try turning off notifications on Tuesday. Do you look at your phone as soon as you wake up every morning? On Wednesday – resist the urge! On Thursday, make your bedroom a ‘no-phone zone’ and go out to dinner Friday night without your devices. Try not to post on social media on Saturday and then on Sunday, switch your phone completely off. What great methods to implement into your life every now and then to stay offline and perhaps take in your surroundings on a more deeper level.

Digital Detox 8

7-Day Smartphone Detox Plan – PopSugar

Digital Detox 13

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Purchase Christina Crook’s ‘The Joy of Missing Out,’ which explores the impact technology has made on our children, relationships, communities, and health. Her book will help you reconsider your relationship with the digital world, and provide guidance on how to introduce balance to your life. “This book is a must-read for anyone wishing to rediscover quietness of mind and seeking a sense of peace amidst the cacophony of the modern world.”  

Digital Detox

Digital Detox via Start A Mom Blog 

While we love our technology, it is true that being able to unplug and stay offline every now and then is beneficial. It can really help you to find a right balance, and get clarity on what is more important to you. If you can’t remember the last time you went without using a phone or other device, it might be time to do a Digital Detox. Once you have completed your Digital Detox plan, reflect on the positive results to determine whether it is something you should do more often.

Mental Cleanse

30 day Mental Cleanse via A Welders Wife 

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