Are you familiar with Christian The Lion Story? It is the most heartwarming of all time! You’ll be crying tears of joy ..

Christian The Lion Story

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Imagine walking through a giant department store, only to see a beautiful Lion Cub huddled in a small cage.

The heart wrench would be truly unbearable! That’s what happened to Brothers John and Anthony in 1969 when they encountered Christian the Lion in Harrods. They took him home and raised him in their apartment! Whilst the local Church allowed them to exercise him on their grounds, a year later it was clear that he had to be returned to his true home, the wilds of Africa. And so the story of Christian the Lion begins .. (Top Image)

Christian The Lion Story

This story is mind-blowing in every sense. Break out the tissues as you follow Christian’s adventure, this is like nothing you have ever seen. A wonderful story of mateship and humanity at its finest on display .. (Images Above via Buzzfeed)

Keep scrolling and watch the video below ⇓

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Christian The Lion Story Video

You will be amazed what happens after Christian is released to the wild. The Brothers went looking for him and the reunion is so special! Click Play above to watch the video now ⇑

This is a reminder of the true value of friendship and love. After a whole year away from his original owners, leading his own pride, Christian still remembered them like they had only parted for a few minutes. He was so playful and affectionate towards them. Continue scrolling for a further reunion 3 years on and watch the video below ⇓

Christian The Lion Story – 2nd & Final Reunion Video

In 1974, Christian the Lion’s original owners John and Ace visited him for a second time, a few years after their initial reunion. This time Christian was twice the size, much more mature in nature and quite regal.

However, he was still affectionate even though he had spent almost three years in the wild leading his own pride. Click Play above to watch the video now ⇑

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Christian the Lion Story 3

An Amazing Story of Friendship Between Lion and Humans via Femour

Christian the Lion’s unforgettable reunion with John and Ace enchanted the world. It truly demonstrates how powerful a relationship between a human and an animal can be. “It reminds us that love can transcend any bounds,” states well-known author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson when commenting on Christian’s story.

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The Story Of A Lion Called Christian

Christian The Lion via A Lion Called Christian

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Christian the Lion story 7

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Lion Cuddles via Blog Lovin’

Even though Christian was last seen in the wild over 40 years ago, his story lives on. His story has been told in books and documentaries, and he has become an internet sensation via YouTube clips and throughout social media.

A children’s book about Christian named Christian, the Hugging Lion was published in 2010. Click here to purchase your very own copy. What a beautiful story to share with your loved ones. Continue scrolling for the New York Times Best Seller Book and be sure to buy yourself a copy, it is truly inspirational!

A Lion Called Christian Book

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Cute Cub via GIPHY

This isn’t Christian The Lion, however, it is an exceptionally cute cub – we can’t resist sharing!

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