How gorgeous is this DIY Crochet Mandala Rug. We love the artistic pattern and it gets the creative juices flowing.

Crochet Mandala Rug Free Pattern

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We’ve put together a collection of artistic crochet mandala rug patterns that you are going to love. You will be amazed at you see and you won’t be able to wait to make your own for your home.

Mandala Rugs are just so beautiful and the right color combination can look nothing short of simply breathtaking. The intricate details will challenge your Crochet skills and we love the delicate edging that surrounds the Rug. You’ll be thrilled to know that these Patterns are mostly Free. Some can even be purchased.

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Crochet Mandala Rug Free Pattern

Make it plain or vibrant, you can use your imagination to create all sorts of patterns. Be sure to scroll our page and check out all the different versions. While you’re here we know you will love the Giant Crochet Doily Night Light Mats. They are another Free Pattern here – Be sure to Pin your favourites.Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

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Crochet Mandala Rug Free Pattern

Crochet Mandala Free Pattern via Marit Parit

Crochet Mandala Rug Free Pattern

This Mandala Crochet Rug is available for purchase on Etsy here

Crochet Mandala Rug

This Crochet Rug is available for purchase on Etsy here

Crochet Mandala

This Crochet Mandala looks beautiful in rainbow colours. Found on Instagram via Elaine Simpson

Embroidery Hoop Mandalas Free Pattern

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Don’t you love these Crochet Embroidery Hoop Mandalas – you can find them here

Crochet Dream Catcher Mandala

This Crochet Dream Catcher was made by Bob Phil on FB

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Crochet Mandala Dream Catcher —> free pattern here

Crochet Dream Catchers Free Patterns

get free pattern —> Crochet Dream Catchers 

Mandala Bag Free Crochet pattern

via Etsy 

Here’s another very cute idea that we found on Etsy. Don’t you just love this gorgeous Kaleidoscope Purse. We couldn’t wait to share it with you! Pattern can be found here

Crochet Mandala Rug Free Pattern

This Crochet Mandala Rug is another free pattern. Find it here

Crochet Mandala Free Pattern

The texture in this Mandala Crochet Rug is stunning. Find your free pattern here

Mandala Crochet Rug

Here’s a great colour combination. It is an image only, no pattern but great inspiration

Starflower Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

We love this Starburst Mandala Crochet Rug and it’s a fabulous Free Pattern – get it here

Crochet Rose Mandala Free Pattern

This Crochet Rose Mandala Doily is a must make. Find the free pattern here

Crochet Mandala Free Pattern The WHOot Crochet Mandala Free Pattern

Crochet Mandala Autumn Spice Free PatternThis Autumn Spice Crochet Mandala Doily has amazing detail. Find the free pattern on the Bella Crochet Site —> here

Mandala Rugs 10 Free Crochet Patterns Here’s another 10 free Crochet Patterns to try. You can find the free patterns here

Giant Crochet Doily Rug Free Pattern

This Giant Crochet Doily Rug is one of our most popular. Get details —> here

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