We were super excited when we discovered this awesome Color Pooling Scarf that uses this unique crochet technique ..

Color Pooling Scarf

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We just love finding new ideas and projects for our Community!  We were more than a bit excited when we discovered the latest crochet phenomena taking the craft world by storm! We’re talking about Color Pooling.

It is also known as Yarn Pooling and you may have been doing it for years. This is an ‘old is new again’ technique that has taken on a huge resurgence. The minute we spied this gorgeous Color Pooling Scarf we were more than intrigued .. Sewrella, is the creator behind this design and we are head over heels! We were keen to find out how she achieved this stunning result. It’s super easy and she has even created a video tutorial that you can crochet along with!Color Pooling Scarf

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Color Pooling Scarf Crochet Pattern

What You Need For Color Pooling Scarf -:

  • how to choose the right variegated yarn
  • how to chain stitch and single crochet

For this Project, Sewrella used Lion Brand Yarn Color Waves in Playground. She also experimented with success with Lion Brand Rainbow which worked too!

She also commented how wonderful the yarn was to work with saying that it was very soft and pretty and the colors were vibrant. The exciting aspect of this technique is that you can achieve all sorts of stunning patterns and there are NO COLOR CHANGES! You don’t even need to weave in your ends.

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Color Pooling Scarf

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Crochet Pooling Scarf Pattern via Sewrella 

We have included the excellent video tutorial that shows you how to recreate this fabulous Color Pooling Scarf. Watch Sewrella work her magic and show you how. Click Play above to watch ⇑

Color Pooling Scarf

get free pattern via CDM Handmade —> Color Pooling Scarf 

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